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Personal Insurance

With all the challenges facing families today, you don’t have time to become well-educated about insurance. Instead, you need an experienced team who can analyze the various options and suggest the best alternatives for your needs so you can make a knowledge-based decision. That’s the kind of local experience you’ll find at Gates Insurance, helping Hoosiers save money and reduce every day risk.

Identity Theft

Are You Concerned About Identity Theft?

Identity theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s national ranking of consumer complaints for the 15th consecutive year. Millions of people have their identity compromised every year with victims spending an exorbitant amount of time and money dealing with this issue.

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How to Save Money on Personal Insurance
Our tips for saving money on personal insurance.

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Why Reducing Risk is Vital for Your Family
A 10-point checklist for saving money on your insurance premiums.

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How Does Insurance Work?
Learn about the basics of how insurance works!

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Weekly Flash
Identity theft is on of the fastest growing crimes in America. Protect yourself with affordable coverage today!

Shop for Individual Products

At Gates Insurance we take the time to understand your specific insurance needs. We listen and consult with you to design a personalized insurance program to deliver the best coverage, competitive rates and risk management assistance.

Homeowners Insurance

Provides financial protection against unforeseen disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and your personal items.

Life Insurance

Provides funds for your loved ones when they need it most. Coverage is flexible and affordable.

Auto Insurance

Protects you and others against financial loss if you are involved in an accident. Auto insurance policies often offer coverage for property, liability and medical loss.

Health Insurance

Coverage for medical bills for yourself or family. The Affordable Care Act made significant changes to how health insurance policies are sold and the benefits they provide.